As the lock down and stay at home order continues, we are faced with isolation and social seclusion that have negative effects greater than boredom and inactivity.

People are faced with too much time on their hands and less contact with friends and people who put them to accountability.

What do you do when you’re faced with battling an addiction with much free time and less disturbance from people.

Any behavior that has negative consequences that we know of but despite knowing still continue in it is an addiction, it can be subtle and “innocent” like cell phone addiction, Food and eating addiction or even video games but it can also be more serious like pornography, masturbation and drug/alcohol abuse.

With schools and offices shutting down, we wish addictions, compulsive behavior and all that accompanies it would shut down too but it continues and with less contact, a greater sense of secrecy can trigger up or make addictions worse.

But even in this time of isolation, one can stay above the dredging waters of various addictions by changing their thoughts and mentality to fit into that change they want to see.

Freedom from addictions are gotten through complete transformation, a change for the better and it starts with our mindset and from within us, let’s lend a helping hand with knowledge that doesn’t just informs but transforms.

MINDSET 1.0 was a huge success many thanks to the speaker, facilitator, the Transformend crew and to the wonderful audience..

For those that missed the first or second session or both or those that couldn’t join in .. for the love we made an ebook of the while session.. download and read and be transformed.

Click MINDSET 1.0 to download…


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