Bursting the myths of Relationship.

MINDSET series is a brain child of Transformend.

At Transformend we believe that the power to change the course of any man’s life is in his mind, if the mindset of a man can be equipped for the better a huge difference will be noticed in the life of that person and the society and the large, hence we came up with the MINDSET series.

This MINDSET 2.0 is tagged: busting the myths of relationship. A two days Eseminer. In it we busted lots of relationship myths and other pertinent issue affecting the relationship of the current day young adult.

Some common myths You will hear:

✓ There is just one man/woman for me to marry, if I miss him or her then I’m.doomed!! Haba, fear this lie, from out of the 8 billion people on planet Earth!

✓ You need sex to sustain a relationship. Aside the facts that premarital sex is a religious sin, the fact is that premarital sex creates a false intimacy and co dependency. And I’m sorry but with all the amazing sexual fantasies, breakup is very much inevitable.

✓ If we love each other we won’t stress it. While this is somewhat of a truth, flourishing relationship needs be be worked out. If you just sit still and not stress yourself, another is standing just by the corner ready to sweep your lover off you at the slightest instance.

✓ If he/she loves me they should know how I feel about stuff all the time, they should know what I want and stuff.. lol.. Oshey mind reader, ominipotent lover and diviner..

This and more relationship myths was bursted in MINDSET 2.0 if you missed out you did miss a much.. however we compiled the whole teaching into a single PDF.. we are committed to adding value.

Click on the link below to download the complete teaching.



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