After a long stay in the labour market you will often hear folks say “I wish I knew what I know now during my undergraduate days” . Sad, but the reality is that we live in a 3rd world country with a basic characteristic of high unemployment rate and the am sorry to say it would take a while for the government to crub it.

As a young person it is thus important to equip your arsenal with at least a skill to help you go by and with an “Eureka” kinda idea it can be the transporter to your greener pastures.

So we came up with few skill set you can learn even within this period of isolation. Contained in this PDF.

Click HERE to download!!!

A publications of TRANSFORMEND.


  1. Wow. Just what I’ve been looking for. This book has done the homework. All you need do is to swing into action. Very informative. Thank you Admin. Great book.


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