End of the year note
From transformend

The year comes to an end today and everywhere celebrations and merriment are ongoing, but one word you should greatly ponder on this season is “TRANSFORMATION”.

We should be able to take time out from the busy-ness and jolliness of the season to honestly ask ourselves questions as a form of review of the year.

Have we really transformed? is what we are different or better than what we were when this year started?
Have all the magnanimous new year resolutions being met or they all fizzled away?

There are stages in between a caterpillar becoming a butterfly but unlike the insect we humans have to make calculated and intentional efforts and decisions to make the remarkable changes.

So as you sit to take this year’s inventory, don’t stress out too much about on where you didn’t meet up, but be thankful for everything and everyone that made year 2019 an awesome one no matter how little it seems.

As we are set to step into the new year lets not underestimate the power of planning ahead. Set goals, vision or resolutions, whichever that works better for you and work at it.

Lets be intentional about what type of information we feed our minds with for you are a sum total of what you ingest and that is why at TransformEnd our goal is to provide content that not only inform but builds and uplifts you.

So let the new year be one where together we work towards achieving great things even as we work on ourselves.

A happy New year
Do have an amazing year [2020].
From all of us



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