In my last blog post I wrote about the possibilities of pursuing passion/purpose the wrong way and in the space of time from the last post I have heard of more life experience and few friends have come to my inbox to share what they know.

Here are few Key things I think one should take note in pursuit of passion

1. Pay attention to the Local factor:

Everywhere isn’t everywhere else, possibilities are often linked to location. In Geography we are taught about the effect of local factors on rainfall. Hence we have different types of rainfall in different parts of the world. If my friends lived in the developed world the odds that their dreams would come true would have been worth staking a fortune on. But in this part we are blessed but for more than half of her 200m population, daily survival is still a constant struggle. You have to first feed your stomach before your cognitive engine lights up. While you think global, pay attention to Local factors.

2. Time:
I wish time factor was taught in school all the way from junior class to the last class of senior school. Time is essentially life, one minute spent careless is essentially one minute of life wasted forever. Life is to short to waste pursuing dead ends. The sooner a dead-end is identified the better.

3. The back up:

It’s popularly said here that opportunity comes once in a million times. You most likely don’t know when opportunity would show up or if it ever will. My friends failed to have a backup. While preparing for opportunities to show up, you need a backup plan. And the Bible says, get wisdom and sell it not. For your pursuit of purpose and fulfillment, you need a backup. And while at it, make a backup for that backup.


I once pursued passion and lost time and opportunity. I had this passion to learn an instrument, so I saved some money enough to buy a guitar. As oppose to wise counsel I followed passion and bought a guitar and instead of following wise counsel and investing in crypto-currency which was booming seriously in those days. My friends invested and made much money from Crypto-currency meanwhile I’m still a mediocre guitar player till date.. That was a life lesson.

So is there a wrong way to pursue passion? Yes.
I have to state that passion in it self is pure but a song writer once wrote, “come purify our passion Lord” so the problem isn’t with the passion but with you, how you express and follow it, when you express or follow it, how able are you to talior it down to reality and avoid drifting into fantacy and folly.

Before you take up a pursuit make sure to tailor it to reality. God has blessed you and i with all we need to be all we want, it’s left to you to use it well. Regardless of your local factor you can still be great.
Have you pursued or are you pursuing a passion the wrong way? Or do you have someone around that’s doing so. Check and get it right now while there’s still time.




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