Dear ,


Hey, how are you ,oh why should I be asking such a question as thou someone care or can help, but hey someone does care and want to bring levity to you, it’s true no one was there when you walk the streets on bare foot, when you slept with empty stomach and roam around in uncertainty. It’s true no one was aware how you have existed to today or the extent of the pain you feel, or what made you do what you doing. But when we spoke I knew you had a Consence and a desire to be better.

So I bring you words from the hill to let you know that you not alone, I have seen you watch each day pass and wondering if snow will fall on your tropical zone, you look but no help in sight and you sought for a faithful companion but it seems life just plays you down, with no lights in sight you got hooked up with the things you thought will give your soul the levity it’s desires . You took refuge in it and tho it gave you gratification but it’s further drenched you. Trying to survive, you did what wasn’t part of you inspired by the thing that gave you gratification.

And who am I to blame you for that, I paid attention and heard your silent cry of a true meaning of life and how to make it, the cry for real power when your right where taking, after each tale you went back to your agent of addiction just to get a trace of refreshment. Here is a letter of acknowledgement, some one sees your pains and hears your silent cry, here is a letter for solace someone knows and has acknowledged..

By joessiglow.


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