“We’re all sinners”

He said as he laughed in a puff of smoke. He took a long drag at his cigarette and the smoke that followed was the equal and opposite reaction for his drag action.

I tied my handkerchief around my nose and prayed the bus driver would move faster than the speed of light before this unbothered smoker would expel oxygen out of the bus completely.

Turning to my left, i realised i was seated close to a window. Sweet relief swept over me as i opened it and put my head out.

“We’re all sinners!”

He was so loud this time i wondered if he was talking to someone in particular

“We’re not all sinners”

Everyone turned almost simultaneously to the direction that was coming from. There he was. He was dark. He appeared tall. He also had broad shoulders like someone on a gym diet. I wanted meeting his eyes but he had a pair of dark shades on.

Then, he smiled “i just said we’re not all sinners. Grace has saved some”.

The smoker let out a wry smile. “I knew you were seated there the whole time. I was trying to get your attention”. He took a drag again and let out a whole lot.

The one in dark shades smiled. This time he removed his shades before he spoke. “You got every other person’s attention too you know. It took me a while before i could recognise you”.

The smoker nodded and looked down like he was searching for something then raised his head. “I expected that. You know, I’ve always wondered from then till date. What changed man?”

The other guy appeared serious now. Like he was going to make a i-swear-to-god statement. “Grace changed. I’ve always told you back then till i left. Grace justified me. It bridged a gap between me and sin. We’re not all sinners, grace has found some”. He ended his statement looking triumphant like he just won a nobel prize never heard of in history.

“Grace is a nobel prize itself”. I thought as I smiled.

When next the bus stopped at an intersection, the grace man came down, waved bye to his friend as they shook hands. He walked off with a bag slung across his shoulders with is fitting pair of shades.

“He does look justified” the smoker said looking on as the bus zoomed off.



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