Sometimes we feel this void, an emptyness, a longing that nothing around seems to fill it, nothing seems to make sense, at that time God appears to be far away.

We try to check for the source, maybe it a past sin or a present sin that is hunting our confidence to live life, or maybe it’s our wilderness hours that is upon us.

At those times we cry, not cos we are weak men or women but we have an active conscience and a viture of sincerity that we are nothing without God. No human love can augment it. At these time, we cry but not just tears rolling down our chin, but burdens rolling off our hearts.

At these times we make a heart cry…..

I kept quiet
Couldn’t say anything then
Because I felt
I felt it was worth it.

Now my faith is failing
My heart is growing weaker
But I will keep trusting you.

Just wanted you to know
That I am hurting Lord
And that just one word from you
Would heal my broken heart

I will keep surrendering
Even though I keep feeling
Like you’re ignoring my calls
Help me stay till you speak

I cannot do anything
Because I am head over heels for you
I would love to have a dialogue
So I stop feeling like I am in a morgue
And quit feeling like I am conversing with a log.

You are more than I can ever imagine
Much more than everything to me
I am in deep melancholy
Because I cannot converse with the Holies.



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