Letter from     Transformend 

Dear ma/sir

      Not your fault 

The last time we spoke still trills me I went home thinking about your tale,  you showed great courage, you try to man up and face the issues. But you where defenseless to what hit you and with no way out in sight you return routinely to the agent of addiction, to what gave you gratification, hoping that someday the sea might dry in a blink of an eye. 

You tried so many therapy but it only proved helpful only for a short. time and time again you see yourself swimming in the pool of challenges and uncertain Future.

 You know there is  a better version so you beat up your self  each time you fall short that you are tired and now passive, you try to set standards, new standard to live up to but in each case you sink back.. Hmm

  it’s not your fault for you lost your shield,  your protective garments had been weaken so there wasn’t much resistance to it. It’s not your fault that life placed you in this position, it’s not your fault for you fought in the strengths of your knowledge but fell prey. 

 Is not your fault  that’s why someone wants to help you,  he is offering you a hand of friendship. He is the Ebenezer {helper}. The truth is that addiction has failed to hold up it promises, it own side of the bargain. It promises intimacy and companionship but at the end it leaves you more empty and deserted.

We all need to open up to someone. That how we heal. There is a way out. Let it out, talk to someone that can help or that knows Jesus the Ebenezer.

By joessiglow 


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