I have had the conversation of weakness with many of my friends and some acquittance has crept on my social media inbox to enquire if I do have a weakness and if yes what could it be.. some I shared with them my tale and triumph, others I refrained from talking.

But the thought came again this morning while sitting on a shade waiting fory kid sister. And I kept asking what If weakness was a blessing in disguise? What if your story would change a people? Wouldn’t it make you more determined to win? This and many more kept running in the background of mind as I continued waiting and interacting with few person around.

The thing about weakness is such that we need to change the lens from which we view them and look unto the brighter side, you need to look beyond the now and look to the side of victory, the side where your experience will teach men wisdom.

Regardless of the degree of your weakness there is an ability available to overcome it, and once you do, you don’t just win for yourself, but a generation rejoices because you were never alone in it.

I probably would need to write a series if am to give detailed step by step guide to overcoming weakness as they are very many and dynamic. But in it all principles might just prove useless if you don’t wake up to reality of the situation and the kind of life you want for yourself.

No great person existed without a weakness to deal with sometimes or a limitation to outgrow other times. And just like the engery conversation web, they were able to find a to convert their weakness to strengths. Though it takes a process but..
You too can do it.



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