My name is Ice and just like my name, I’m pretty cool. When I say cool, I mean I don’t like to be stressed, in anyway. I hate pressures, I hate taking charge of situations, I hate being the decision maker and the deciding factor in any situation. Simply put, I hate to leave my comfort zone.

I love to wake up at my own time, preferably 9am but my crazy job won’t let me. I wake up by 5am every week day and even during the weekend, my parents won’t get off my back.

I am a teacher and I love teaching but some kids don’t make it easy. Why can’t they just sit at a place and listen to what I have to say to them? Why do they have to make me scream every instruction at them? I mean I’m Ice, trying to be cool. My frozen atoms and molecules don’t have the kinetic energy to scream. Why don’t these kids get it?
I wish it were only the kids who didn’t get the memo.

My boss doesn’t get it either. She puts me on every project she can think of; end of the year party rehearsals, public speaking coordinating, going to the orphanage home with kids, the list is endless. And all these come with deadlines and sanction threats at failure to do them. Can’t they just leave me in my zone?

Even life does not leave me alone. It brings these crazy decisions that I have to make. Decisions that I’d rather have life make for me. Decisions like having to choose between a low paying job with an amazing boss or a high paying job and a heartless boss. Decisions like having to choose between a douchebag who is ready to settle down and an amazing guy who has no idea of when he’ll be ready for marriage. Let’s not forget the ever ticking biological clock the unfair judge; life, put in me.

So as you can see, I want to be cool. But life doesn’t let me. I’m almost always in a state of panic. Pressure and anxiety is always sending a rush of adrenaline into my system which in turn gives me the energy push I need to get my job done.

Most times I think back and look at all I’ve achieved over time I just know it’s would have being impossible if I had remained in my comfort zone, if I had remained ice. It’s a whole lot. So maybe pressure is good for my cold self.

Success itself is not a final destination, it’s a journey. And in this journey, asides from village people, comfort zone is an enemy you’ve got to deal with.
Run away from it.

The fact is, almost if not all humans, by default like to remain in a state of rest. We always wants things to go the soft and stress free way. We device means to justify our desire to remain in a fixed position.

We even go on to quote the law of science, philosophy and religion that supports our view of rest, compose and sing songs, bear names and recite punchlines that just go to reinforce our stay in the comfort zone. But permit me to ask, since you have being in that zone how much achievement can you boast of?

Comfort zone is a state where you feel most comfortable; you don’t think much, you don’t exercise much, you get to do all that you like, how and when you like. A lot can be your comfort zone; past glory and fame, parental wealth and influence, present pay check, you name the rest.

The universe is governed by laws and one of such laws is for motion to occur friction must be overcomed. This means you can’t be in that zone of rest and expect motion to occur. I’m not disputing the concept of favor or faith or luck, but truth is even those concepts step in when strength fails.. hence you’ve got to try something.

One thing I’ve discovered is that game changers and trail blazers didn’t stay comfy in their comfort zones all day. They had to push. No pain, no gain right? This just means that if you want to make a difference you have to get out of that comfort zone and push.
You’ve got to run from your comfort zone if you want to be one of them. You’ve got to get out of that zone!

Toward a better you.

-Lovely ice-


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