Gold; the color of change


The Love of Romeo and Juliet came to a halt by circumstance; the love of Sam and Ella soon came to an abrupt end too.

This happened when Ella disclosed her pregnancy status to her boyfriend Sam. Since it was not the first time, it was normal and easy for Sam to ask Ella to abort the pregnancy simply because both of them were merely students who still solely depended on their parents, and for him as a person, he was not ready to father a child and besides they were not even married. Ella objected this time around and refused to succumb to the plea and suggestions of Sam to abort the third pregnancy for him. This made Sam quit the two years old relationship without an iota of remorse. ‘Oh how heartless men are…’ you would wonder.

Ella, who is only 18 years of age, suffered from her decision to keep the pregnancy; she did not only lose her relationship with Sam but was also disowned by her moral and super religious parents who wouldn’t want to be tagged with an irresponsible and shameless daughter.

Joseph, conceived out of the carelessness and thoughtlessness of two supposed lovers, birthed by an unfortunate but resolute Ella who against all circumstances, shame, and pain decided to give the child a life but sadly lost hers to post-natal complications few weeks after she gave birth. Joseph automatically became an orphan.

The innocent Joseph is expected to live through the thick and thin of this same life, the one he never prayed, planned, or even wished for.

What then would become of Joseph?

Who is to take responsibility for whatsoever Joseph makes of his life after now?

Life is not fair indeed! This is because life is constantly changing; the more we live, the more we do not only learn, but we are also compelled to change and adjust to the dictates of life.

The conscious and subconscious decisions we make, in addition to the actions we take at every instance of change determine what color our lives eventually displays.

Gold in its raw and unrefined form is nothing more than a piece of just any kind of stone. It is until it is tried with fire that it will stand out, with its glory distinct from other precious stones. Only then would everyone crave for it; everyone who knows its value and recognizes its worth. Gold takes advantage of the fire it passes through to become who it truly is.

Change is constant and inevitable and the life we live is subject to diverse changes, but note that you are responsible for your life; so take the best advantage of every change life poses at you because just after the intense heat of the fire, comes its colorful Beauty and Glory just like the Gold.

Abraham Olatunji



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