Happiness! Yes Happiness; that feeling of excitement and bliss that comes mostly due to positive happenings and events.
Surely, whoever has found happiness is wealthy beyond measures. To achieve such wealth, unhappy people constantly wonder how to become happy and are curious to know the source of happiness.
Before knowing the source of happiness, let’s first discuss the source of unhappiness.

What causes unhappiness?
People feel hurt, betrayal, failure and disappointment. These are all normal things in life, they are bound to happen within every individuals lifetime. However the effect varies from person to person, as result some persons become bitter and unhappy; cheerful and ever smiling faces suddenly become withdrawn, distant, and smudged under the pressure of failure and disappointment.
In my short time on Earth I’ve realized that over 70% of people who suddenly become sullen do so as a result of placing their happiness in the hands a person, they make an individual the reason for their happiness, they let their every moment of Joy and Excitement be because of a particular person; they place the key to their happiness in the hands of a living soul.
For those who have become unhappy, don’t ever think you can’t smile again; of course you can regain your happiness. By doing certain select things different of course.

What exactly am I saying?
Let God be the reason for your happiness,let your joy and excitement be base on yourself; make a decision to he happy and be determined not to let the sentiments of others put you down. Also do not bask in the euphoria of a little success for so long a time because there’ll always be tougher tasks ahead, do not allow people the misdemeanor of thinking they’re the reason for your happiness; because when they disappoint; they might just take away your happiness.
So just be you and be the reason for your happiness. Be rugged, be strong, be gallant, but fearless, be ready to fight against any hindrance to your happiness; Be relaxed, be calm, be jovial, be free and be friendly, you don’t have to tense up and appear overly serious.

Finally, you look so much better when you smile,yes you. Please smile ☺. Yeah that’s so much better.

By Ifeoluwa


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