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Honesty a type of Value


It is so hurting how happenings in our society now define and dictates who we are instead of the otherwise being the case. Even among teens and young adults.

It was supposed to be a Civic Education class but turned to a mindset reorientation class. The subject matter this faithful day was honesty as a type of Value.

Got into a discussion with my students, the girls among them in particular took a strong stance on the matter. These young ones because of what they had probably seen and heard, told me blatantly that ‘money can buy anything, even honesty’. They as well had preconceived mindset which they aired out that.

But is there actually value for honesty or is it that the society no longer give a Dem on whether if one is honest or not so far the job gets done.

What is honesty?
Honesty is simply knowing the truth, saying the truth and standing for the truth always without compromising. It is such an intrinsic virtue that cannot be superficial. But sadly, is a value gradually running into extinction in our society which ought not to be. And with the current trend we might not be able to instill it back just immediately back into the society.

So what’s the way forward?
The future is now and it is you. If the young ones will be deliberate about themselves, to be honest or consider honesty as a virtue, we will have a shot. The truth is every value is built and accumulated over time, same with honesty, it can be developed.

So the question is how do I develop honesty?

The race to find passion, happiness and to live above just survival has made the average young person take on different vices and wrong virtue.

To develop honesty one has to do few things;
1. Reevaluate your value system.
Everything has a value attached to it, either actually or perceived. Revaluating your value system is setting out values upon which your life would be lived on.

2. Redefine your success ladder.
Success is achievement over time and individual dependent. It’s important you define success for your self. Setting and knowing your timeline for achievement is key.

3. The God factor.
Honesty is an intrinsic value and sometimes defiles the law of will power in process of developing and living it out.

It’s true that the society has given us a definition of what we should consider as value. But there is absolute joy and fulfillment when one pick up and develop an intrinsic value as honesty and regardless of what is happening around you, see yourself in the light of whom you are and walk in it. You need to define success for yourself and create a value system that encompass you and your dreams. Honesty just like every other virtue can be developed. It’s all starts with the desire.

-Abraham O.


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