As a child, what would you do if one of those days when your parents are traveling, would be away for a couple of days, call you and your siblings to the living room, after the usual ‘be good, don’t fight yourselves’ sermon, your Dad proceeds to drop a huge sum of money and go ‘you know we’ll be away for about a week. Anything could happen to any of you. Maybe accident or sickness or something bad. Keep this money to sort yourselves out if anything of the sort happens while we are away’

What I’ll do? I’ll freak out. Yell, probably. I mean, why would they be picturing bad things happening while they are away. Are we magnetic to evil? It’s safe to say I’ll want to be sure if everything is okay with my parents mentally too. I hope you haven’t concluded that only a mad person can do that because we’re just about finding who the mad person is!

You work hard, really hard! This year has only just about begun but it’s like you have been working before everybody else started working this year. You want all the good things that come with each day. You are making efforts to see that you get the best in life but you worry too much! You have only submitted one application for a job and they didn’t even give you the hopeless ‘we’ll get back to you’ response but you already picture the rejection before it comes.
‘they won’t take me in here. The same way djthjset did and w94ymeh did’

Calm down sir. You are not working this hard everyday only to attract negativity. Relax and quit been unnecessarily worked up, the universe will conspire to favour you in time. You can remind yourself of that everyday. Don’t just work hard, believe and think only positive thoughts. You’ll soon see, it’s on it’s way!



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