Traits of productive people.
My father always told me stories of his own father when I was much younger and each time he told me about him, I always express to him how I would have loved to pull his father out of the grave and flog him 24 strokes for lost opportunities… Smile…

Fast-forward to recently, i begin to ask myself for questions, what is the different between those that are living their dreams and those that failed? How did some utilized opportunities and some failed like my grandfather? What did the highly productive people do as a routine that set them differently from others?

But more importantly was the question, what are the traits or routine of productive people, I would have said success, but aside the fact that so many literatures exist on it, the concept of success covers a broad spectrum and means differently to different people. But regardless the definition of your success, one constant is sure, and that is your productivity.

I kept a close tab on productive people I could come across, both physically and on social media. In time i found some common denominator that cut across them all; assuming that every other variable such as expertise and per excellence are constant.

Traits of productive people

Skilled in decision making
We are a specie of choice, created to explore and like it or yes this ability of choice made us masters of our destiny. I took time out to study a few people and read about some, one common denominator that distinguished people was their decision making ability.

There might be lots of temperamental dispositional explanation of your current decision patterns, but if you must be productive you have to equip yourself with a flexible decision making ability.

Know how to take decision under pressure, heightened emotion, decipher between right and near right, master your intuition.

The law of repetition
The law of repetition holds that for people to know you for whatever you do, you must have done it over and over that it registers in their head as a second skin for you.

So, what are you into? What do people know you for? Is your name among the first to pop up in the mind of people when your craft or filed of expertise is mentioned? If you can’t answer these question easily then check your law of repetition.

Be intentionally about what you do.. productivity is first loving what you do, it makes sacrifice easier.

Value adding;
One upon a time the surest investment one could have was gold, the whole world currency was backed by it, but soon all that changed and the rest they say is history. I recently got the understanding that the best form of investment is investing in people.

Productive people have learnt the importance of adding value to People’s life. This has a tremendous push on their influence rate. With more impact comes more influence.

The God factor
We can try and probe the existence of a GOD through scientific and logical means but how do you explain the accurate details in creation. Albert Einstein once said “God does not play dice” so surely there is an argument here. But the reality is that, productive people have understood the God factor and has learnt to factor Him in their routines regardless of religion.

I have understood that the productive one isn’t always the smartest kid in school, I have also understood that just as the preacher said, everything under the sun is subject to time and chance, but some has learnt to read the times. Truth is that your thoughts makes your routine and your routine determines your lifestyle which in turn determines where you end up in the curve of existence. Opportunities doesn’t lay on the floor for so long.

Win more.


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