I deserve everything



I deserve everything!. This might just be a problem. You need to watch it.

I remembered working for a media platform during my fresh days in school. Like every other organisation, we had executives at the helm of affairs. At a point, they had serious management problems and it was like the platform would crash totally inspite hardwork, great ideas and talented people put together.

Sometimes, I’d hear my Boss make statements like “Who is the face behind this media outlet?! Where would they have been?! I made it possible! Why should anyone question what i do?!”

Now this is what I’ll term the entitlement spirit. You shouldn’t develop an inflated self worth basically because you’re in charge. Agreed, we all have these tendencies for emotional outburst or make statements based on our sentiments but you shouldn’t go over the edge and say things that’d destroy a whole lot. Remember, most times emotions are overrated!

What would you think of someone who flare up at an event because all the handles to his name wasn’t properly stated in the guest booklet? Or someone who creates a scene because he didn’t get all the snacks and chops shared at a burial ceremony?

When people have worked together so hard to see things happen, the i-deserve-everything mentality might just be the reason for the bottom fallout of their lives.

You have a problem if you wake up every morning feeling like everybody should walk with their heads around you because you have contributed to their lives. If God starts to feel entitled…. I’m just wondering…



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