The price of inconsistency 

Transformend was conceived from a discussion with my bro @nony d. So I decided to throw my weight to it and to writing, I evisioned it as a platform to express my passion, hubby and also capture the ends meet part of life.
I bounced the idea to a couple of friends whose work and potential I admire; @ola, @toluwa and @lovina. They bought into the Transformend dream and helped to shape the introduction to the world. In no time it kicked off and all was smooth sailing. I was living the vision or at least I thought I was.

In a short while I got starved of content, I thought I wasn’t getting it right so I made up excuses and tagged it so funny now but that was the best I come up with.
I got more writers which meant more content and more content meant consistency or so I thought. The best team anyone could assembly @ife @lovely ice @musa @tochi @fredrick @richard became part of Transformend. Despite the additional hands content still ground to a halt, what could be the matter? this time I pegged it on personal weakness.

From my personal experience and what I have learnt from people over time I can tell just well, the subject of consistency one to be treated with utmost reverence. A friend once dropped what i call ‘Rhema’, “the world is watching your consistency” indeed the world is sure watching you and whether you like it or not; it’s preparing a score card that will be a summary of you.
The world is Dynamic, change is constant, trends are ever evolving, the moment you give chance for a series of inconsistencies you gradually loose your cutting edge and with time if you don’t work at it you become irrelevant and your abilities becomes obsolete.

Inconsistency stagnates your creativity.
Inconsistency is like pressing the pause button your growth and advancement.
Inconsistency is like running a single mile in a marathon and then stopping to take a nap.

But wait, you may want to give reasons for inconsistency; I did gave excuses but no man ever made a difference by giving excuses. The table only turns when you take responsibility.

What then could be the possible reason or drivers or factors for inconsistency?.

The first is the fear of Failure
Wether it’s inherent fear of failure or a fear brought about by a plague of past failures, fear of failing has driven many into inconsistency. Failure is what you make out of it. Some carry it on their head while others lay it down as steps on the way to success.

Next is weakness
I have come to believe that we are all created with a weakness within us so as not to forget the God factor and our fellow humans . However, sometimes these weakness becomes kinda overwhelming for the average people. Consistent people are person’s who have learnt to work it out.. you too can learn.

And then Fear
Atelophobia is the fear of not being good enough. This fear takes different froms to different people; oddly it may take the form of humility, while striving to be humble people get stuck in their comfort zone.

Truth is, you might have the best reason for inconsistency, but the world is Dynamic, new discoveries are being made, new knowledge is being accumulated and existing onces are updated on constant basis which means that your current knowledge needs to be frequently updated also.

I know it’s not easy, but you need to get a grip of your strengths, bottle up every reason or factors that can drive you into inconsistency. Learn to utilize failures as stepping stones, grow your strengths until your weaknesses become negligible and if it’s seems not to leave then decide to keep doing the needful regardless of how you feel.

You are sent here for a reason, you have a message to share and an impact to make; at the end of its either you enjoy the value of consistency or you pay the price of inconsistency. Only you can choose where you want to end up.. which do you choose?




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