[Must read!!] Is there a wrong way to passion [one]

Is there a right and a wrong way to pursue purpose or passion in this part of the world?. Hold that thought while I share a story with you..

This story is the experience a friend shared with me, He was passionate about being a world class automobile engineer and from a young age had given himself to it; working towards it with all fervency. On the passage into university, he got “jammed” by Jamb several times. After sever years he finally got admitted but was offered a course with no correlation to Engineering whatsoever.

Now he’s a graduate; not an Engineering graduate off course, his only skill a vast knowledge of googled automobile engineering terminologies and as you can guess the Nigerian labor market isn’t exactly overflowing with jobs… I’m like a sailor with a broken compass he added with a weary expression on his face and a dreary look in his eyes.

What did my friend do wrong? he had a passion, a dream and gave himself to it. But did he not give it his best or Did he pursue passion the wrong way?.

How about the story of another young guy who solely wanted to study the stars, planetary bodies and the cosmos, his is quit difficult and peculiar as the course isn’t even offered in this part of the world. But for some reason he was so passionate about it and gave it his all.

Studying everything he could find related to it, you can say my guy spoke physics. But just like my friend in the first story, he couldn’t find his way to his passion. He struggled to get admission into university for a couple of years with the hope that one day he would go abroad and live his passion, but that never did happen. Let’s say he’s chasing less celestial dreams now.

So what’s your thought? Is there a right and wrong way to pursue purpose?. There are many folks who can relate to the two stories above.

There were lots of guys who joined the local football team in my community back when I was in junior secondary school, they gave football the time and strength of their youth. They were good and skillful footballers, but today most of them are struggling to find their feet.
It’s a popular saying that “life is too short to do what you’re not passionate about” I do agree, but I think passion is usually inflated by emotions and due to this fact tends to be overrated.

When I heard these stories and observed some patterns, i noticed my friends missed a couple of things.
In the next post I will be sharing the key things to take note in pursuit of passion/purpose.




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