It’s a new year already and the timer for the year is already counting down to the end of January. So let me assume you already have your new year goals and resolutions written out, but let’s look back at 2019, did you achieve everything you planned to achieve? What were the limitations you had, where did we fail?

We could answer all those questions but yesterday is not for us to regain, in tomorrow lies our hope. We cannot afford to be complacent; we can’t allow ourselves to fall back on the same patterns that got us wrong results in the past year.

Personal development is the remedy to stagnation and unpleasant patterns. Personal development is essential in measuring our growth and putting healthy evaluation on ourselves. It’s never too late to start developing ourselves.


Personal development means committedly taking and dedicating time to develop yourself.
Personal development is the strategic awareness of yourself and the whole essence.
My friend Nwabueze Emmanuel once said ‘personal development or improvement is a room that can never be filled’.


1.It helps us identify ourselves, who is Stephanie? What does she want” her aim? How she intends to achieve it? E.g. I am Stephanie, a child of God, I intend to achieve this and that, I am a mathematician, I can invent something. etc

2.It helps build and develop our skills and talents. E.g. I can write, that means I can author a book.

3.It increases our self worth and perceived value.

4.It helps us actualize our dreams and aspirations in a timely manner. We realize it’s us passing away, not time.

We can’t be living in yesterday and expect to matter today, the world is dynamic just like laws, and it keeps improving, so we need to keep improving on ourselves.


1.Acceptance is key, accept yourself. You are short? very good; Matma Gandhi was short. You are slim; then you’d make a good model. I’ve realized if you don’t accept and live with ourselves, no one else will. I am simply the best version of myself, another me is a counterfeit

2. Set realistic goals, my friend would always say the mind has eyes, write your goals down and you’d be half way to achieving them. Goals to study, read at least a book every month etc. believe in your growth and be consistent.

3. Know what you can do or have passion for, this can help you analyze your weakness, know your God given purpose and assignment, no man is born empty, with no purpose of existence.

4. Have a role model or mentor, this can help with setting targets and fixes motivations issues. Experience isn’t the best teacher anymore, wisdom is more profitable to direct.

5. Keep learning, keep improving, and never settle for less, you are a leader. Improve those football skills, Know what the current demands of your field are, Read more, practice more.

There is no success without a price and there’s no better price to pay than to consciously work on your person development, personal improvement.



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