A conversation between jay and his mentor went like this
Jay : good evening sir
Mentor : hey! Jay long time
Jay : I have missed you sir
Mentor : I missed you more. How are you doing
Jay: am good sir
Mentor: what’s happening
Jay: nothing much. Just here
Mentor : just here isn’t a state
Jay : am growing.. Preparing to
Thus was the conversion between jay and his mentor after years of much tutoring and learning , ending on the note of still preparing to…. , to do what he ought to do, to pursue his life calling and purpose, preparing to. But preparing isn’t bad in it self for it an attempt to gather perquisite knowledge, skills or morel necessary to undertake a task.
Preparation is a continuous process you must keep at once you have identified a goal or dream you want to pursue, in most case you prepare physically, mentally, financially. which covers from getting the resources, skills and a perfect team to a well developed emotional mindset to pull through the process.
The question then is how prepared are you? and how much of a time do you think you have?. I respect the law of preparation and timing, but the things is that when you are comfortably telling your self and people time and time again that you are preparing to….then you might not get anything done in time. What it takes for to become what you are meant to be is already available, its called potential. Its therefore now left for you to stair it up and utilize it.
Preparing is sure the best thing to do and recognizing the need to prepare means that you are one step ahead of many. Bishop Oyedepo said, when preparation meets with opportunity success is inevitable”. But the issue with preparing to is that most people turn preparing into a comfort zone and a perfect excuse not to get something done. Your preparation might not be enough but what you have now might just be what you need to get started, you don’t have to be a colossus to dispense knowledge or appear on national TV all you need is to start doing something with what you have now and keep improving. Its not enough to be preparing to you have to overcome the resistance and start that thing, create something, something you have always wanted to do, something you want history to remember you for. And even while you are waiting on God to give you divine direction Isaac Jude gave an advice, to start doing something that doesn’t hurt humanity”. And if you trying to balance purpose and money, Nony d pitched by saying, do something in line with your passion in a way that can get you the resources you need”. Its all about getting you from the zone of preparing to… to start up.
So how can you get past preparing to… for one of the greatest hurdle to overcome in life is the resistance to leave the comfort zone and start-up. Here are few tips to get pass;
*once you have identified you passion or purpose, Get an element of motivation in your life to get you up and running each day.
*Set a daily and weekly goals and be committed to it.
*Obey the law of humble beginning.
Remember preparation is a process, so keep improving, don’t get comfortable telling people you are preparing to instead, show them the result of your preparation. History will not remember you for your intentions or potentials but for your actions and what you did with what you had.



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