Just the way one victory can make you, one victory can also break you.

Sometimes the proceeds from a seed you have sown looks as though it would never be exhausted. Check well, you can still sow from your returns to ensure continuity. You do not want to be stranded.

In a movie, I heard a statement “the happiest moment of a man are his weakest moments”
How true is this?

When we have victory, we celebrate; while we celebrate, we are happy; What makes us vulnerable when we are at a state of happiness?

We often let our guards down…
Many are afraid of the spotlight because they do not want the light to blind them. Shades can reduce the effect of the light in your eyes, but much more than that, you can learn to ignore the brightness of the light because you now dwell in the light.

You cannot lite a room that already has illumination, you must move to the darkness in order to have the right result. Its only when your light shines brighter that your light can be effective in a place that is already lite.
Your success is not defined by the amount of money you earn; it is defined by the amount of persons you illuminated while you earned the money.

True happiness hides in the dents and twists reality offers us per time, but our degree of malleability will determine if we can attain it or not. For if you have never experienced sadness, how will you know happiness.
Can you lite a lamp and hide it under the ocean?

The purpose of light is to shine, travel very fast and far according to the extent of its brightness, so if there is anything you can do as light, it is to gain power to always retreat, refresh and recharge to ensure the sustainability of your light.

Live light!

  • Olaoluwa


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