COVID-19-RED, the colour of change.


Just one plague a man said, “and the world stood still, the government is humbled, the world powers are confused, the economy shut down.  Just one plague; schools are shut down, Offices and streets are deserted. Only one plague; mecca sent back worshippers, Jerusalem turned down tourist, and Vatican City closed down. Just one plague; churches are shut down, Mosques are closed down. All sports events were postponed. The entertainment industry is groaning and mourning. Just one plague; don’t shake hands, avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth, stay a meter apart. Just one plague and social distancing was invented, nose masks and hand sanitizers became a bestseller.”

A new adaptive method for the new change.

What is the color of change?

I wish change had a color, perhaps people would have easily identified one when it’s flag is raised. But throughout history, remarkable events happened that inspired change, Innovations, scientific discoveries, wars, disease outbreaks, and extreme natural disasters.

Covid19 filtered in like a fairytale that soon turned out to be true, it raised a red flag and the normal lifestyle as we know it was forced to change given the limited choices. We explore alternatives to fulfill the basic need for survival and every other matter was suspended. A change that left most folks asking if it was the end of days for humans.

Is COVID-19 the end of days?

Every religion has an explanation of the end of days for humans, science is not left out with the search of another planet should nature choose to surprise us with more virus that has a better kill ratio. So many theories are attributed to this 19 years old COVID guy, the deserted street, the rate of infection and spread, the unavailability of a suitable vaccine gave a sign of the end of days.

But the question we fail to ask is, “Is this the first time something of this magnitude is hitting man?” Let’s see some history;

In 1968 there was an outbreak of flu, the pandemic had a death toll of about 1millon. In 1918 there was another flu pandemic and death toll was estimated at around 20-50millon. A cholera pandemic between 1852 and 1860 took about a million lives? How about the self-inflicted once like wars that claimed millions of life both soldiers and civilians? So what next.

COVID-19 and the 5g network.

People tend to believe the flip side of stuff especially when they have little or no explanation of how it works. So in the reign of COVID 19, 5g network started showing off, there was bound to be a conspiracy, maybe owing to the source of both COVID and the 5g, some wondering if they are accomplice and on the same mission to end human existence forgetting that all the network G(s) that has been created all obey the same laws of physics of electromagnetic spectrum except someone intentionally plants a UV ray emitter in the mast.

What will change?

The color red of covid19 came with a lot of changes. It exposed to us the extent of our limitations, weakness, and unpreparedness especially as  3rd world countries. Looking at the indices with a basic computation of data and trend analysis;  we see a clear picture showing that change is inevitable and even if it is in some area, the teenage COVID might just start a chain reaction. Experts are already looking at what they call the post covid19 world. So get set for the change in different sector such as;


The economy of the world will not remain the same after the COVID. The economy would shift focus from natural resources to human resources; what do you know? what can you offer? the price of oil is falling. The economy would shift from oil well to tech-know-well. The idea of a regular fixed 9-5 job would gradually fade away as people are already learning the remote working techniques. Tech would rule the next decade.


Business owners are beginning to make paradigm shifts in the way and manner they do business; they are shifting from setting up physical structures to designing remote networks. The need for board meetings are met by the Zoom and Google meeting applications. Thus by replacing the unnecessary with technology, they will be able to lay off workers and still be work effectively. One has to learn to control the machines to secure a spot.


The legend of education in the four walls of the school is gradually being smashed. In this COVID era, lots of online courses platforms have become more popular, Edx, Udemy, and recently the government is encouraging students to utilize online platforms to learn since resumption and reopening of schools is uncertain. Many certified persons would emerge outside the four walls of a school. Get side certification.

Our concept of worship, family, and finance and lots more will follow suit.

Positioning for the change

Professionals in different fields; economy, thought leaders and strategist are beginning to sound the trumpet on the inevitable change that would be set in motion by covid19, they call it the post covid19 world. I will summarize it in three words; Survive, Equip and Reinvent.


We were all geared up for making an exploit at the end of 2019. Most of us had planned out the whole year and we were on track until we were cut short by the emergence of the unplanned virus that has taken lives and pressed a pause on our road map. Survival which is the basic instinct of man is key, if you survive you still have hope. In whatever you do, the best advice for this year is, “try to survive”. Stay safe till this is over you will still get a shot at fulfilling your dreams.


As stated earlier, there would be a change in normalcy as we know it, thus it is pertinent to equip yourself with relevant skills, ideology, mindset, and relationship that would give you a good spot in the pyramid of existence after this era. Take advantage of the lockdown and grow in a sellable skill. Equip yourself to avoid the effect of the African adage of when the wind blows.


We can learn, relearn and unlearn if the need be. The recent happenings are enough to push you to a place of reinventing yourself. Rediscover yourself, re-strategize, re-plan. What has worked for you or what didn’t work for you? Where is the new demand curve tilting to? How can I position myself to tap in? how can I brand myself? What necessary skill and certification do I need? The idea is to have a clear plan of attack.


Covid19 red is the new color of change; it would sweep through almost all sectors of human existence causing a direct change or set in motion some. The question is we ready for this change? Are we ready for the post covid19 world? The joy is that this would be over in a bit. So plan how you would fit in at the end of it.



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