Looking back in time line, i can say i have greatly improved in my public speaking, but it didn’t just happen overnight Someone saw something in me that has stayed dormant and decided to help me activate it, by first, giving me a platform where I could express myself publicly.

At the start it was all new to me, i would dodge, make up excuses and even avoid it completely as my very shy and super reserved personality always got in the way. But then my spirit man told me “you cannot continue to dodge and avoid opportunities for growth just because it’s public or your personality weakness you’ve got to try to level up and make this limitation a thing of the past”.

So I decided to swallow my fear, take the bull by one of its horns at first, and then the second, and now I want to believe I have a feel of the horns… and I have decided to stay holding those horns, for I have learnt over time that the only way to stay mastering something is to really stay mastering that thing, not to leave it, not to relent; your grasp over a thing only remains as long as you stay grasping it, you’ll never be to good at grasping what you decide to let go, letting it go is loosing mastery.

Once I stayed in a place where there’s hardly any constant flow of water, except very tiny drops, tum tum tum goes the drop. But the good thing was that as long as that water kept dripping in that manner, the house never lacked water, we only ensured that we always kept a bucket under the tap to collect the water and with time a drum would be filled and every container would have water in it, by just that tum tum droplets.

Great accomplishments comes from the very little, we could make excuses that pertains to our lives like, just this very little alcohol I take daily, or this very little kiss, or that very little anger, or that my very little talent etc and with this excuses of very little, time is going and its increasing from very little to very plenty because its  pilling and then 10 years after you are laid far back by a very little something that you should have either stopped or worked on.  

Take Count of all the very littles in your life, as regarding input, that are the things that affects you directly and know which to stop now for the potential harm or which to prune having realised it could be of great value.

You should also as a matter of urgency count all the very little outputs from your life, as touching your words, actions relationships and more, know which to curtail, completely halt or to put in more efforts towards its finesse, because our lives are a sum total of the very Littles.

 In the long run, they are all that matter. I took baby steps towards my public speaking and now am a better public speaker, we would all begin with baby steps at anything and those very little baby steps would become our giant strides tomorrow.

By peefires.



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