So this guy was invited to a hangout party by an old friend who was celebrating love. A night of class he thought, he was in his mid 30s and yet to tie the nut with the lady of his dream, so he saw the invite as an opportunity to hook up with a classic girl of his dream.

So he dressed up in his modest blazer and his Italian shoe was sure the best option for tonight event and off he went.
He arrived the venue which was a hall in a famous hotel in the city, hard to miss by anyone due to its height and architectural design. He did a quick scan and had to give him self a tap at the back as he felt well fit for the event.

He took a sit in a table for four, a couple had occupied two sits and he took the third. Looking at the couple in front of him, they were young and lovely and he thought if today will be the day he meets the lady that will “slay him”.
Not so long an image appeared and seems to be getting closer to him, he has been busy with his cellphone probably going through some news feed when the voice spoke, “hope you don’t mind” he was almost startled when he lifted up his eyes the image was an elegant lady dressed in a gown made by one of Nigerian finest and are voice sound like what you hear from a studio. “Sure you can he answered”.

Deep into the event a conversation ensued thanks to the lively mc and they both got talking from there and at the end of the event they exchange contacts and he left with a wow feeling *I think I have found the one*. He went home and in no time the calls started coming and the texting flowed, you could tell there was a connection and he decided to drop his manifesto over a dinner. So they booked a nice restaurant and set a time.

But they both had their profiles upgraded with the recent trend neither did both think it will be a problem, But what happened when they meet mused me. She is a slay queen and was recently adopted in to the league of small girl with big god club. While my guy on the other hand is advanced in age and just signed up to the fine guys club.

As he dressed up he took a look at the mirror, reflecting his bright colored native, well shaved hair and beard gave him a sense of a handsome male and he said with a brush of smile on his face “fine guys like us we no dey too pursue women, na them dy rush us ”. He put down the mirror and made his way to the restaurant. The table was set and he was waiting for her, as she came in, her swags was on point and one to look upon. Like she went to a school of fashion.
In the course of the meal he gathered him self and began dropping his manifesto, punch line after punch line. Very eloquent and straight to the point.

After much hit she asked him, can you take care of me? with a brush of smile and confidence he answered “sho mo age mi”( do you know my age). “Mi o mo” (I don’t know), I just hope you know how to treat a Queen. A Queen he echoed, so tell me, you dress so top notch without flaws, you bold and elegant, what the secret?. She chuckled and said am just a small girl with a big god.
So my mature man meet with a slay queen and expected her to rush him because he is a fine guy only to hear her say you can be as old as Methuselah but am a small girl that gat a big God.

Read and smile*

By Joseph (joessiglow)


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