Are you lost and not found, dose it feels like the amazing Grace that’s so sweet as it sounds not being able to find you.. and all you could do is just to mutter, what next?…

They say, go back to the drawing board, restrategize and so on.. and you did over and over till the board had no space to contain a new drawing, and even when you try to wipe it there was still trace of the former drawings.

And when they try to comfort you, they say age is just a number forgetting we all have a biological clock ticking down and a time frame to live here. Even success it’s self is a measure of achievement with time.. so what are they saying..

What next is a question out of frustration, confusion and uncertainty.. which can drive it’s victims to any length including the ultimate route of taking their lives with sinper becoming a best seller in Nigeria.

But I have a question, does anyone has it all figured out, do you think the men we celebrate today didn’t fail or weren’t as clueless as you can possibly be as you ask what next.. think about it.

Two things that make people ask what next?

1. Our value system.

2. Our definition of success.

What your value system?
Every human desires to be valuable, the feeling of importance, being admired by folks around in things we do sounds so good can be the Genesis of your frustrations and confusion when you begin to live for people approvals and opinions all the time.

The world has calibrated for us a value system and the society has given us a somewhat template of what value is and how it should be. Prejudice and human pride has made us accept some and reject some.
And at the end we lose our originality and path way, confusion sets in then we begin to ask the question what next?

What is success to you?
Success has no universal definition so permit me to ask, what is success to you? Everyone has a different life timeline, purpose, gifts, talents etc.. this distinct intrinsic property is responsible for the fact that you have to define success for your self and know what fufillment is to you on a personal scale.

It’s being said success is not a destination but a journey and it’s also being said that success is a measure of achievements over time. You own your time, you have to know what you want to achieve per time.

Why do you need to define success for your self?

-To create a system of firm focus.
-Reduce self induced pressure.
-Improve self esteem.
-And lots more..

In conclusion
Success to someone can be to start and complete a house project in one year, and to another might be to lay the foundation. The index of measurements is such that after one year, did they both achieved their projections and regardless the stage in construction, they both achieved success.

am not in anyway advocating for laziness or laxity, am saying It’s all about mindset.
So if you are stock in the cycle of what next.. can I ask you to reevaluate your value system and check your definition of success.

Onto a better year…



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