Who knew the difference the distance in a year could make, the story a twelve month could write for the lives of billions across the world. If one thing is constant to every being, it is time. Time defines relationships, it holds memories, it is fragile and not refundable, and not even a second can be redeemed once gone.
How time flies, especially when you are having fun. Fun comes with the full package; the good, the bad and the ugly.

Within this year; I laughed, cried, danced, I made friends, I ruined friendships too, got dumped, dumped people, I was used, I used people, I loved, I fell sick and recovered, attended weddings, ditched burials, got mad at people and yelled at them, they did the same to me, I broke many promises and so on. Nevertheless, it all happened in a year.

I made memories; some I would love to revisit, many others I would prefer to forget. But the important thing is within a year, many died and some became invalids like vegetables and wished for death. Without knowing what happens the next minute we keep striving to make things better, grabbing opportunities, predicting a future yet knowing time is fickle, that it could end the next moment.

Who would have thought I would be reading this time of the year, oh I would have thought of it like I thought of making so much money to be Santa Claus for those children I see on the street in rags begging for money so they can eat and not die of starvation.

We have all had our share of difficulties within a year, but there is still time to make impact, in a few days, we could calm the raging storm in a heart, rebuild that bridge we burnt a long time ago, feed somebody hungry, start that thing we postponed till next year. It is a season of love; there is so much love to go around, do not be left out the miracles that could still happen within a year.

Remember time is fickle; it is not waiting around for any one, it speeds like light while you think you are having fun and then you soon discover, you cannot catch up with its speed.




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