What else could one ask for, if not a supportive company to roll along with through this life, to share both in good times and bad times , my perfect family. With shared memories that every member has a part in the tale to tell..

Filled with memories irreplaceable. A blend of striking and caressing, strict and freedom, lovely rebuke and a perfect match that makes it all want to be part.

My perfect family where there is cushion for me fall freely, tho small but enough room for each member to express themselves, my character wasn’t the best but there tolerance not possible else were ,I could be my real self without fear, you where my first teacher you thought me boldness and the courage to face life. You thought me morals and values and integrated me into the society. No details was left out, you thought me to raise my head up, to represent and procreate the kind of family . You are my lawyer my pastor ,my doctor.

Your method of instructions were perfect to make sure I become the best, your corrections were the elements I needed for my evolution, I was great in your sight that you even sang poem to reaffirm it to me. You listen to my every story and jokes regardless if it was worth it or not, my best buddy. We fight and settle without a 3rd party, thou we had difference but we had a way to go about it that made it interestingly fun. We did everything as one that people couldn’t differentiate our stuff. Your way of expressing love was great . love is family. Well fashioned by God

my perfect family .

By joessiglow


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