My pride falls each day,
Like a dry leaf that can no longer
Find its place on the tree.
As the dark past of yesterday,
Bring streams of tears
that gracefully cascade down
my swollen eye to my breast.

Mornings are bundles of sorrow;
And to smile, I never get to.
Though a little chance to borrow,
Has been life for me,
Since that so called heaty night
placed a mark within.

He was strong and heavy
Perfect in giving a straight cut to my dress.
I couldn’t get him off the top
And even when he said,
“you’ll be fine deary”,
I kept screaming, “stop”.

He crushed my soul over and over,
As he rode deeper and deeper.
Ignoring all my pleadings till he was done.
Still in shock, wandering if I deserved it,
He came closer and whispered
“You better keep this, it our little secret”.

He murdered my innocence
and took my pride,
All at once in his strides.
Everyday I take a look at my self,
I see the lustful designs
He left on me that night,
When I struggled, pleading he resigns.

I didn’t do, say or dress wrong
No! it just showed the real man he lacked.
Though i called him friend,
Soon I’ll let the world know through
my gong
The man who took that
Little piece of me.

By toluwa


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