This title really captivated me. I saw it on a friends’ status, she wrote “The Woman: the home maker”, I thought over it carefully and truly I saw reasons why a woman is the home maker in the family.
Women by nature have attributes that make them the home maker, even the bible confirms it by saying “a wise woman builds her own house, while a foolish woman tears it down”, is that not home making?, the profession of a home maker.

We live in a world where a lot of people think it’s until they get married before they start to figure out how to build a home. A woman based on God’s design has in her the complete toolkit for home making.
I carried out an interview on a focus group of middle aged women asking them who the home maker is in the family. They all said it’s the woman, I also asked when she should start preparing and the universal response I got was before marriage.

A woman is an adult female human. A woman is one who is capable of giving birth. She goes through her monthly cycle and hormonal imbalances.
It’s a person who manages the home, a manager of the home. Home making has to do with the management of the home, housekeeping. It is the act of organizing and managing the home.
In the United States a “Home Maker” is a term used for housewives or househusbands, however a social worker (house help) who manages a household due to the incapacity of the househusband or housewife is also a home maker.

Ordinarily from the United States definition of home maker, any gender can be a home maker depending on the circumstances of the home they find themselves. But my major focus here will be why a woman is the home maker in a family?

My friend Prevail once said something, she said and I quote “my dad does say the strength of our house is my wife, if she falls, the whole family falls with her”
Homemaking is a lifetime commitment, what constitutes home making includes the designing of the home, room arrangement, cooking for the home, cleaning of the home, grooming the children.

Home making dates back beyond the 19th century. Then, the responsibility of home making were purely the work of a woman, she is to stay at home, do the home making as that was the tradition then.

I saw an article recently, a little sick boy was asked by the doctor the occupation of his mother, he didn’t bother to say she’s unemployed, rather he said “my mom works, she’s a full time house wife, she wakes up at night and checks on I and my siblings to ensure we’re all doing well, she wakes up first and sleeps last, that alone is work, the doctor was very surprised.

In the not so distant past African women were meant to stay at home, clean, do the chores, cook and wait for the man to bring home the daily bread. But today, that’s no longer the case. Now, men and women have to strive for the daily needs of the family and it’s like there been a paradigm shift from the traditional definition of home making that our fore fathers and mothers left behind, well I respect and value any man who assists a woman in home making as this goes a long way in keeping the home effecient and happy.

Division of labor within the home promotes a healthy relationship, long lasting and increased happiness. Joy is shared and hope is found, no hurt on the part of any party, no one Is burdened down compared to when the whole burden is upon the woman alone.
But the sweet truth is no matter how a man contributes to the making of the home in this modern day, let’s say up to fifty percent, the bulk of home making still revolves around the woman based on the kind of nature given to her.

1. Housekeeping: Firstly, as a woman no matter how a man keeps the home, will largely want the home fashioned to her taste. Housekeeping is the control and care of property, though it seems to be the case that house helps are now taking over in most homes but it’s not advisable, statistics have proved that most of the time they do more harm than good to the family.

House chores should be done regularly, as a woman you know what best suits your home than leaving to the man who most likely is not cultured in the art of home keeping. As a woman “keep” your home

2. Cooking: home maker cooks, prepares, serves and preserves food. As women we want to please our man, there’s an adage that says the way to a man heart is through his stomach. Sincerely when we love our family we want to cook the best meals for the home.

3. Cleaning: this has to do with making the home neat and clean. Such as disposing of rubbish, cleaning dirty surface, dusting, vacuuming ,mopping etc. a woman can clean better and put a finishing touch into whatever she wants to do, she is emotional and this has a way of connecting to the home which she want it to be clean and organized at all times

4. Home Maintenance: it involves the diagnosis and resolution of problems in the home, and trust me women are good at this, a wise woman is very smart on this, she builds and maintain her home

5. Household purchasing should be done largely by women
Conclusively, irrespective of gender, even when home making is shared, nature and culture will just find a way of keeping the work load on women. A woman is a home maker, her heart is so connected to the home than a man, is it cleaning, child bearing and grooming, organizing the home etc. women are and should be home makers because they are good at home making. Be it a girl, a lady or a woman, home making is a process that never ends, even when one has a very understanding man, a woman still has a lot of role to play in home making, thereby making her the real home maker. We don’t even have to wait till we get married before we are fully involved in home making.

A woman is therefore the home maker!!!!



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