Do you still believe in love


“So..the last person who’d be talking to us this evening during this special Valentine edition is Miss Stephanie a final year student from the University of Lagos! A round of applause for her as she mounts the platform”.

Everyone stood up to applaud as a slim dark lady mounted the podium. She kept smiling till she got to the pulpit. There was something about her smile,it made me remember the good old days when I flashed my teeth and brightened my eye at the slightest tone of humour but what’s left? The last few months had been filled with tales of woes.

Let’s just forget me and focus on this last speaker. I was happy she would be the last and I’d find my way home. I never wanted to come, Rachel practically coerced me and what an unappealing event it had been. Oh well,I’d have just stayed home crying. It would have been better.


Her voice jolted me back from reverie. She was in full posssession of the PAS now.

“You know,when I was invited for this program as a speaker,I kept wondering what I was going to tell you all. I mean,its all about love and even if you’re here heartbroken,you must have loved. I haven’t been in a romantic relationship before so I might not be able to give you a filial or sensual definition to love but I have tasted the divine and yes! That’s what I’m standing here to talk about”

She paused for a little while admist the mixed reactions from the crowd then she continued…

“You know there is only one person who tells you he loves you and mean it? You know he’s the one who can say ANYTIME and ALWAYS without mincing words? You know he’s the one who’s gonna be there for you when every other person gets tired of you and abandons you? Oh! You always thought you’d be the only one there for you?”

She laughed. I looked straight into her eyes with undivided attention. She definitely didn’t know what she was saying. Many times I’ve been left alone to cry my eyes out. I was tired of calling on anybody to help. I didn’t even believe anybody out there existed who was interested in me. Wait! Was she going to end up saying God? Nonsense! All these ones who have never experienced anything in life would just walk out of nowhere and start marketting God.

“…..Yes! I was going to end it all by telling you the person I’m talking about is God! He’s the divine I tasted. I don’t know how you feel. I have never been in your shoes. You’d never want to wear mine either. It doesn’t change the fact that you can’t overule the existence of the divine”.

So that was it! All those words she was miming.

“I lost my parents after I gained admission into the university. I didn’t see it coming as they were the only source of livelihood I had. I had to move in with my aunty who was doing a lot of odd jobs to survive too and here she was bailing it on God. As if that wasn’t enough I had to do some side hustle just to get the basics of living for my self, as I didn’t want to fall prey to the guys who offered help with a hidden code of nothing goes for nothing.

“Yes! It’s God’s love,” she reechoed. She went on to explain her story and experiences of others she knows that brought her to the conclusion of the love of God. This left me wondering, my experience had only made me write off the possibility of God being interested in the minute details of my life.

I couldn’t get my eyes off her. Even after the program, my butt was stuck to the seat while i battled with what I just heard and how it applied to me. I’m not going home yet; at least not this way. So, I made my way towards Miss Stephanie. With a blazing smile, she extended her hand for an handshake and asked me to walk with her.

She paid attention to every thing I had to say and when I was done talking and lamenting she asked me a question, do you still believe in love? Before now, I could easily bounce off an answer to this question in style, but I was humbled this time as she made me understood the divine nature of love. The last few months had been filled with tales of woes but the love she shared made me whole. Tears like a river flowed from my eyes. I felt washed, whole, new. I felt joy and I felt love.

What about you? Do you believe in love? What has stopped you from experiencing love? God sent his only son to die for our sins. What purer love is there than this? It’s okay to let go of all that weight; sin, guilt, regret, hatred, anger, shame. It’s okay to accept his forgiveness and embrace his love. It’s real and genuine. The best love you can experience.




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