Getting hooked up with with a person, as some say, happens without much notice. However, getting into a relationship with the same person must be conscious, deliberate and schemed.

Although it takes but a split second to get involved with a member of the opposite sex, it takes more to start up a formidable relationship with them and even more efforts to secure and establish the same union.

Because many have failed to keep the fire that they ignited burning, they fall out of relationships and begin to doubt if they ever loved the person or if their love was reciprocated by the recipient.

Since it takes more effort to maintain a relationship than it takes to get into one, it becomes intrinsic for folks to understand the rudiments and rules of relationships that makes them solid and enjoyable. Some of them are:


Your lover is first a friend before they are anything else. That means that true friendship must be established before anything else. Friendship is the ground on which every type of relationship thrives!

No matter the volume of feelings and sparks you feel for someone, if friendship is absent, you both can head no where (except to heartaches and regrets. This is the only possible destination).

If you both aren’t friends, you both are nothing but potential enemies and rivals (as is the case with most relationships after they come to an end).

Spurred by genuine love, you and your lover must be willing and deliberate about establishing mutual understanding and bonding healthily. This can only be achieved by joint efforts.


You must make yourself accessible or open to scrutiny from your partner. Never keep secrets from your partner. Be accountable to them.

Be open and make them realize how much access they have to all dimensions of your life. This is the only way to build trust. Be intentional about laying all of your life bare in the face of the one you love.

Make them see how committed and faithful you are to the relationship. It makes it easier for them to reciprocate the same.


Never ever cheat on your partner. Don’t. I repeat, do not!

Loyalty is an extension of transparency. Transparency entails being open to scrutiny. Loyalty entails being faithful enough to not be found guilty after you have made the different ramifications of your life accessible.

Loyalty must always accompany transparency. When you get into a relationship, you must put aside any past ‘attachments.’

This is very important and inevitable if any relationship must enjoy security.


Read this heading as many times as you can. It can never be overemphasized.

Communication is the fuel that keeps friendships energized.

Without communication, there’ll be no wisdom, knowledge, or understanding and all there are indispensable in matters of relationships.

You and your partner, whether in a long distance relationship or not, must always keep close tabs in terms of interacting in an openhearted manner. Sincere and honest interactions always goes a long way!

You and your partner must be able to talk about your likes and dislikes, your fears and worries, your strengths and weaknesses, your beliefs and disbeliefs, your perspectives and interests, your hobbies and your turnoffs, etc.

Communication is key. Always talk with your partner about everything; your day, your activities, your experiences, the people you have met, what you are up to, and more.

There is never a thing like talking too much with your partner!


Just like in everyday life, sticking to a partner requires patience and endurance. Love itself embodies these.

The one you love will definitely often offend you. They aren’t flawless people. On the contrary, they are full of character defects. You must know this. Once you do, you’ll become more accommodating (as you should be).

Do not just endure them. Endure them IN LOVE. Cherish them even in their mess. Adore them even while their flaws are staring at you straight in the face.

Building and maintaining a relationship takes time and effort. It’s never achieved in a hurry. Only prepared/willing minds can venture into this and reap Success.

Although there isn’t a perfect relationship anywhere in the world, but these tips will certainly make your relationship life skyrocket towards the right direction.

– you can enjoy the relationship of your dreams!
– with these simple but key tips to building a relationship and maintaining one.

Fredrick A.


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