How do you spend your Valentine

How do you spend your Valentine

Why should one day stand out to display affection when there are 365 days in every year with people struggling to eat and live, hearts breaks in all nooks and corners, and now its that day again and we are all looking for cupids.
we all bleed red, but darts in the heart only breed pain, walls and depression.

everyone wants to be loved, everyone wants some attention, they want to feel special and treated nicely but no one likes to face the consequence that sometimes result for the decisions we make because of our need- LOVE or LUST. No one knows when the hurricane finally hits even when it has been showing signs for a while and then BOOM!disaster everywhere.

i am not anti-love, i am not anti-valentine: i am anti the way we view it.
is valentine an excuse to screw each other when you are not even married, yeah! i am also anti pre-marital sex, call it fetish, but celibacy is safe!or is it an excuse to go to candlit dinner, really cozy place with gourmet dishes, and after that a walk in the park holding hands looking for a quiet spot to makeout since you cannot stop gawking at each other.

i love Love when it is done right, because i believe in love and i also believe there is no so much to go round, not romantic love per se, but LOVE Himself, it is not for a day, it is for the rest of our lives, whether we stay at home alone watching a movie and eating pizza or we have dinner with someone we love.

Do not let a day land you in the rock bottom, although if it doesn’t kill you it will make you stronger, you can also avoid it.
so my advice is be a gift to someone, the world needs you to show love,everyday, not just today: take your wife or husband to out and make it frequent, seat around your loved ones and share, there is love in sharing.

Become a giver of love not just a receiver, for it is more blessed to give than to recieve
I love you!



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