Hey Masterpiece,

Yass! That’s what I call you. Figured you didn’t have a valentine, yet. I thought I could be your anonymous-Val for a day, if there’s a word like that. I’m really not the mushy kind of she but I hope I don’t just skip to the action part without a little effort at being cheesy.

I have watched you from a distance, don’t think of me as a stalker but each time I turn in your direction, all I see is different shades to an amazing human. You are be-you-tiful inside out, handsome, selfless, hardworking, caring to a fault, oh so humble and yes! One of the best phenomenon that has occurred on mother earth for eons now.

Why do you think I call you a masterpiece? The heavens crafted you with the best of skills available at inception.

I fell for your definition of real, how you make light your disabilities, flaunt your weaknesses, make everyone who gets to be around you mirror themselves as the perfect definition for best, you don’t just develop you, the circle is progressive, you pass the blunt. That shit turns me on!

You know what bliss is? Bliss is finding an open minded and very intelligent guy in this crazy world who still has the humility to put God first. Bliss is you. You are my bliss and I LOVE YOU, today, tomorrow and the day after forever!HAPPY VALENTINE BABY!



“Communication is key in a relationship even in the height of social media, you can still take out time and make it old-school.. make it lovely”. -ifeoluwa-


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