Life has changed, everything around man has graduated from it’s early stage to a level where man’s eye has been opened to see the brighter days. Given man more control over his tomorrow.

Man’s generational improvement was rapidly that the images of the old days are gradually forgotten by the next generation, memories of the mistakes in the ancient times, fades away.

Days have changed to years, years to decades and moments have gotten more brightened, time has gone as it grows old but I say ” our world is getting younger” Our days has drawn for itself ‘a new image’ Change.

What! Who! How! and Why! Where questions that engulfed my busy mind.
Who is there to be asked?
Of course everybody are really busy seeking answers to their questions of change, Apparently, looking for a way to be a part of the scenario.

I could have ‘time travelled’ back to the fore days to ask the ancient men, on how it was.
Oh! no, they will they give ear to answer my ill question?

I moved closer to the image, there I came to see the “true colour of change”
Oh my… It is EDUCATION.

With you, Nations of the world have zoomed out their names, clear enough to be seen at nukes and cranes of the universe, you have made them to clearly see, who they are, what they have, and what the future wants From them as they journey to the peak.

With you and by you, Great men of the world had gotten their names imprinted in the minds of the present and coming generations, Right from your jar of ink they have made unforgettable names that was and is making Marks on our world thereof

You have reduced the size of our world so that we all became a closed pack family in you. By you, men of dignity got the ability to make strong names that keeps them alive even after they have gone into the silent lands.

A clear and deeper look at you bestows unto our world the two keys to control nature itself
The enlightener(Science) it has described unto us, what nature holds for us and our dear world.

The Improver (technology) it has brought us close enough to perceive and assimilate the keys to change the world into what we can only imagine before.

Is the graphics of our world, for the paintings of perfection. It is not only relevant, but unavoidable, It not only necessary, it’s mandatory and important.

Oh my, you remain the best answer to my ill question, and certainly the best moment changer.
The generation enlightener.
You are the colour of change
The best LEGACY

РAuthor-   Psalms.


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