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My feminine perception [one]


Personally I don’t like boys, guys, men or whatever they are called, not only do they bore me, they also annoy me. Every day I wake up to see one reason or the other to hate or dislike boys, the fact that 90% of the girls you see on the street today dress to look attractive to boys make me go nuts.

Nowadays girls are totally artificial not because it’s a made up choice but because they want to look good for a guy to notice. Most girls are totally fake ranging from their voice to behavior to acts, WHY? The answer is boys; they all put up all those fake acts because they want a boy or man to notice them.

Boys are the major problem of girls I can remember the last time I was in shopping mall two girls converted the available space to a boxing ring. They were fighting because one accused the other of snatching her boyfriend, and the sad thing might be that the boy in question would be probably somewhere with another girl.

Please don’t get me wrong am not a lesbian neither am I attracted to my fellows girls sexually but I am not just comfortable with the existing fact that girls undergo a lot of stress to please boys or men even after the boy or man has charmingly proposed and married a girl or woman, the woman still has to go through some kind of physical or mental trauma to keep her man having in mind that she is vulnerable to a heart break or the man has a very high chance or probability of cheating on her no matter how holy or trust worthy the man seem to be.

Women go through all these because there is an existence of beings called men, to worsen the case the society has consciously or unconsciously made life difficult for women. Two weeks ago I visited my mum all she said was that I should try and get a husband that will marry and care for me and that without a husband my life is incomplete.

She is slowly putting pressure on me to go and get married and I swear that not gonna happen any time soon.
Same way she pressurized my elder sister to get married to one rich dude, the last time I checked their marriage was hell, the man constantly cheats on her and tell her that she should be grateful to God for getting married to a man like him, she cries herself to sleep every night WHY? MEN.

I know some men will probably say “try me we are not the same” but hell no they all the same. Please forgive my ideology but since when I was 8 years old I have learnt that no matter how he smiles or how he praise your beauty or how he touches your hand and make you feel like you are the only one in the world, DO NOT TRUST HIM he will not just break your heart but he will smash it on a rock for no reason forgetting that you have a heart. If you don’t want to break your heart just keep any tempting guy or man around you locked up in the “friend zone”….

….. To be continued…..

-Amazing Toluwa.



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