Chains and Wipes Break Bones,
Prolonged Slavery Is Like A Hole.
Oppression Seeps into the Blood Stream,
Rubs In Like a Body Cream,
Robs Off All Sanity and Self Will
And Replaces With Insecurity And
Freedom Is Now a Myth,
Because Crushed and Broken Spirits,
Have Invaded Our Peace.

Slavery Is a Limiter,
A Misery That Kills Every Dreamer,
It Reduces Them to Nothing,
For Fear They Might Become Something.
Oppressors Are Not Left Out;
They Are Slaves to Violence,
It Eats Deep into Their Flesh,
Yet They Are Ignorant.
Love Frees All From Bondages,
Clears All Charges Done In Ages.

They pulled the chains from our legs,
Yet we sing a dirge,
Because our minds are on edge.
We still fear our masters,
And would not leave our quarters.
Deliverance came and we still sit like domes,
Waiting for commands,
They already crushed our spirit,
And we don’t know our purpose.
Our minds are still chained.

“Renew and Transform your mind,
The change is you”.
It Echoes In Our Ears Consistently,
Because The Preacher Keeps Chanting it.
But is freedom free?
If it is, why are we still in penury?
What makes us walk around like the shattered?
We don’t see it, We don’t believe it, and so we don’t act it.
But you are indeed free, so Act free, live free, and walk like the freed;
Because you are free.

By olaoluwa.


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