Amnesia is a prayer for those haunted by ghosts,
They want to forget thier past;
But the heart has its own tricks.
You won’t believe it, but I tell you, You’ll still see the ghosts even when you’ve had amnesia.
Let it out or it’ll eat you.

It victimizes those who wish to forget,
Whisks away the beauty of life and living. 
Your past secret is your ghost,
Makes u jump when no one startles 
Puts you to sprint, when no one pursues
But love cures it, love improves the spectra
 And quieten the storms.

You have a trade mark, Branded by your dilemma,
It marks you with its fangs and grips your core, 
Makes you shiver down the spine.
The ghost will keep you tied;
Even when you fly
The ghost holds the heart.

Fight your ghosts,
Or they’ll brawl you.
Trust me; you don’t want amnesia.
Memories are knitted to our souls,
If used right, they help us grow,
Help us to flow, even in low times.
And give our life  a context.

It’s high time you moved on,
Guilt is a tricky thing, its a ghost
Forgive yourself,
Or you’ll forever regret,
I’ll let you on a secret,
“Tell it, open it up, it’ll flee;
And you’ll heal
Although the pain may linger
And the scar may be a reminder.
 Love will help you heal and
Time will make you better.”
By olaoluwa


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