I can in instinctively close my eyes I remember like it was yesterday when we chatted Happy New year! Happy new year!! Happy new year!!! to folks around.

I so remember the looks and smile on the face of my famous uncle, uncle suru as he went through my new year resolution written in the middle of my read diary .

and….. I also remember uncle dan sending me a message that today was the last service of the year. yeah last service of the year.

I couldn’t help but start to think,
So I went back to my red diary to see if that was a blessing to count or it was just another year gone by.. another year..

fact, is first service is gifted to resolutions and the last service is to counting of achievements,.. so permit me to ask, what was your resolutions at the first service? and how many achievements can you count now at the last service?.

I have seen an error under the sun and the error is such that folks fail to plan towards achievement and even when they do, they tend to overestimate possible achievement in a short time and underestimated the possible achievement in a long time so they struggle in reality.

See success and achievement has a simple formula.. success is a measure of achievement with time…

So is that time of the year where we all are made to sit down and think, how it all went down. To those that achieved 90% of their plan i say kudos, to those that Achieve 50% i say more greese… To those of us shouting Benz, how market… and to those who bearly achieve nor had a plan I say, try again….

Yeah, try again… See it’s not wrong to fail, for in failures you have an opportunity to fresh start, but don’t make it a comfort zone, cos nobody whose name resonate remain in that zone..

So on this last service of the year, the image of my famous uncle suru flashed again, his fancy smile and looks only became dymisified .. the looks of “hey boy, you gat to quite this yearly religious ritual and have a smart plan if you want to be”….

Yeah smart plan….
So today might be the last service for others but it can be the first service of the rest of your life cuz you are in control of your time and season.

And talking about time and season, the year is not yet over to get one or two done, and even if you think you can’t achieve much again, am sure it’s not yet over to start planning for the next year.

And when I talk about planning, permit me to borrow the words of Uncle suru when he said smart plan is key to success.
And by smart planning we mean your plans must be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely. And not forgetting the God factor.

So it’s the last service of the year.. but you can make it the first and start planning smart for the new year.

So when next I see you in 2020 and ask, what your smart plan for success/achievement of your dreams and goals this year?…… You will not be like….. Hmm……..




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