Love Drunk

Today, like myriad mornings, I woke eavesdropping,
My mind wandering far, Into your world I was peeping.
I thought galaxies were beautiful until I beheld your majesty.
I am astonished at how perfectly you combine meekness, modesty and royalty.

The radiance of your presence sweeps me off my feet,
Like body hair eroded by contact with veet.
Permit me and I will build an ark around us like Noah.
Before we go in, I will converse with my friends and say – “I am blessed to know her.”

Your compassionate nature reveals you are much more than an angel.
To my soul, you add beauty like hair caressed with gel.
Each time I surf through proverbs thirty one,
I close my Bible pages assured you are the one.

The suffering from the prognosis of your love is the best enjoyment possible.
Your virtue, like it is visible, glitters like gold purified in a crucible.
Your smiles are pleasant and precious like the dews of Hermon,
Beautifully arrayed and falling on mount zion.

One day, my hairs will grow grey but my thoughts will still stray.
And whether I am indoor or under the sun’s ray, your love will still choke me like an anti-insect spray.
Your charm draws me closer like a fisherman’s bait
And I hope to be the man beside you when your nobility brings you praise at the city gate.

Beckon on me whenever and I will respond.
Nothing, I assure you, will truncate this bond.
Your entire being tickles me; you are noble, virtuous and gorgeous,
And to salvage this soul connection, we could elope and the world dare not judge us.

When ever I hear your name, sweet fragrance fills my air,
Imposing on me the impression that I was there when Mary wiped the perfumed feet of Jesus with her hair.
The inebriation of your love makes me fall daily for you like the walls of Jericho.
My love for you is eternal and forever it will echo.

© Fredrick.



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