Behind the mask is a face
A face I don’t want to manifest
A face I have fought so hard to bury 
My mask, like my shield
Hid me from many things
Hid my weakness and flaws
Hid my deepest intent and wants.

Now I can flow with the tides
Cos that what they want
Each time I try to remove the mask
It goes south
They are so used to the me in mask
That they never want to see the face.

I want to love and be loved
I want to connect and stay close
I want to free my self and play
But they all have issues to take care of
So I justify their actions and retreat to my mask.

The social media was my next stop
Hoping to find someone to connect beyond the surface
But the media was filled with fake realities
It offered me false promises of intimacy
And put me under pressure to measure up to a standard
A Standard I know nothing about.

I wanted to return to my mask,
But i thought, wait!who am I hiding from
Why can’t I be me, so I read 
“How be it, he made me wonderfully and beautiful
He made me Royalty, without a mask.”
So I put off the mask and walked the street
Soon I discovered pure bond and true love,
I had no reason to put on the mask again.

If you were like me,
Then its time to take off the mask
Take off the mask and embrace the real you
Love your self more, accept your self
Grow your strength and work on your weaknesses
The mask is only an illusion to rub you of your joyful existence.
By joessiglow.


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