My night was restless,

I think its the mattress;

 I’ve been panting,

That’s because I’m running;

My mind keeps yelling,

Because no one listens;

My body shivers

Its nervous, afraid of the unknown.

Oh my! I need peace;

I want to soar on the wings of the wind,

Trust the deliverer and just through the eye of the storm,

Hide in the cloud and listen to the sound,

The sound of silent, still waters.

The river never stops flowing,

Look within and you’ll find peace;

Look beyond the hills, 

Help comes from some place around there;

Blink the tears away,

There’s a fill for the void,

There’s a hovering over the waters;

This darkness won’t last long;

And the brightness of the light won’t blind,

So don’t fear the light.

Take that step,

Find rest in the rock,

Speak to your soul; be calm,

 to your mind; hear quietness.

Be still and know that 

you won’t be shaken in the cleft of the Rock.
By Olaoluwa 


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