I had been hiding in a cocoon
Like a caterpillar, I had been roaming
My peers influenced me
The county pressurized me
They wanted me to do it
They said it was the best
But my heart was far away
Running from them and their lies
My heart knew the time had come
It was time to metamorphose.

I made a choice
To tell myself the truth
I made truce with my heart
And with the spirit of Elyon
Because I was tired of that path
The path where the world dictated every step
I wanted to listen to the beckoning
I wanted to dance to the melody
The spirit of the Elyon sang within me
Cause I was made to do just that.

Emotions do not control me
Elyon leads my heart
I live for a purpose
It was predestined
No one can take that from me
I have decided to walk the walk
In the path of Purpose
Do not blame me
For I am dead to the world.



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