Humid air, reminds me of rains
and how much it attract gains.
Although many carry thoughts of  pain and grief when the clouds grow dark.

i love to dance in the rain
Allow it wash all my pain,
because after the rain, i see the bows.
bows of sheen colours,
adorning the sky, making me smile.
it reminds me of someone, myself,

I am a rainbow, i come after the rain
i am colored, dyed black, a negro
many say because i have a dark skin
i lack in skills and many other things,
they say black is smart and strong,
but have no brain, plays only a gong. its a one-sided story, its fickle your perspective about me, cannot alter who i am and what i ‘ll be.

Race does not determine fate, grace moves me through phases,
i am not moved by what i see
ive got a perception that gives glee
its not from African voodoo,
i have a unique DNA
because the king was nailed,
and HIS blood made me the Ace.

By olaoluwa


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