Few make shoes
All wear shoes
You may have many colours
However, they are of one size.
Your size is Unique to you,
Until you find someone, it fits.
If it doesn’t fit your feet
It will cause ache to your feet

If you were in my shoes
Would it fit you?
If you walked in it,
Would it hurt you?
We are different
Unique with our lives
We may wear the same size,
But our lives have unique paths.

Don’t compare me to you
For as our fight is different
And So is our prize.
Bigger shoes slow men down
Some fall in it
Others fail with it.

The shoe of peace shod for defense
Always fitting everyone’s feet;
If you attain much feat without
Finding this peace, you’ll
Fall into a deep pit.
It is in the Gospel,
The shoe carrying God’s peace
Walk in it, walk with it.
For it is LIFE to you,
It is LIFE to me.




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