Afraid to love,
You pretended to be tough
And built fortifications;
Because you don’t have the nerve
To align the force.
Now you are like a moss,
Attached to your walls,
Not growing, just spreading:
You occupy all the space
And push others away.
Why do you hide so?
What are you afraid of?
Their love?Or your love?
Are you afraid they’ll leave you like others?
You don’t want to get crushed
You don’t want to fail, You don’t want to fall
You don’t want to get hurt
But now you’re sore:
You allow no one to get in,
You don’t get to others too.
Iron sharpens iron,
But you are a blunt iron,
You’ve fought out all others.
I’ll tell you what;
Walls stagnates,
Leaves you in the dark,
Makes even dim lights blinding,
It’s time to break you out
Even if it takes the earth to quake,
Or the sea to rift
You must come to lit.
It’s going to hurt you deep,
But it won’t make you sleep,
You are more fearless than you know.
You can love unconditionally,
You can forgive those who left,
You can get to the top,
You can face the crowd,
even if they don’t applaud:
you are a light,
shine and let shine.

By olaoluwa



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