What will be will be – Part 1
A tale of a love adventure.

I have always wondered what it meant to fall in love with the girl of your dream, until I was caught up right in it. You might just say love happened to me.

I met a beautiful girl who made the reality of ‘falling in love’ dawned on me. It wasn’t love at the first sight but something that developed gradually that I still can’t explain how it all happened.

At that time i was on a personal quest to finding direction for my life accompanied by my fear of what she might say, I decided to delay in making my intention known to her.
And when I felt I have had quite a direction for my life and what I wanted, I finally opened up and told her my heart posture towards her.

She said to me, guy I have always expected you to make a move all this while, but just like the song writer wrote, I give you are light tire, but you never was forth coming so I had to move on.

She turned me down outrightly. Not because I wasn’t qualified but because I was late in quote. I took all the time I wanted and when I felt I was ready she was already long gone.
I try to explain how I needed to be sure of what I was bringing her into so we wouldn’t end anyhow.

If you ever go to a restaurant hungry of a particular delicacy, I believe you should wait for it if it’s truly what you wanted, I thought. So i pulled all the strings I could to win her back but she concluded with a statement that got me hanging, she said to me “what will he will be”.

But if ever I wanted something, why then should I settle for ‘what will be will be’?

-To be continued-


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