According to ‘Worldometers’ in their reports for the month of October 2019 (based on elaboration of the latest United Nations data), the current population of Nigeria is 202,321,768.

As the most populous country in Africa and the seventh most populous in the world, little credit can be given to Nigeria as regards development in comparison with most of its foreign counterparts.

Without a doubt, both foreign and local statistics and analysis prove that Nigeria as a nation is heavily bereft of advancement in areas of health, technology, security, economy, etc despite its natural abundance and enormous human resources. In response to the horrendous menaces ravaging the country, I have thoughtfully pinpointed two areas or issues that must be thrashed immediately in Nigeria, with all hands on deck. They are:


Every society exists with an inevitable need for security of lives and properties. In fact, every citizen belonging to a state submits to their leadership with the hope of achieving security and a sense of belonging. Therefore, every sane government/leadership has as its first goal the protection of lives and properties. Before forging ahead to other developmental agendas, the lives and properties to be developed must first be secured.

This is one of the many areas where the Nigerian government(s) can be said to have failed over the years. With many bizarre hurdles such as terrorism, banditry, kidnapping, armed robbery, looting, internet fraud, border porosity, internal displacements, ritualistic killings, etc rocking the nation freely, security can certainly be said to be farfetched from the Nigerian leadership.

The Nigerian government must therefore give quick and strategic attention to the security sector throughout the country.

Military/security personnel, advanced technological gadgets, and other local sources of security aid must be harnessed and properly put to use in order to strategically help the nation achieve nationwide security, curbing the challenge of insecurity in the process.


Based on estimates from the ‘World Data Lab’s Poverty Clock,’ around 90 million Nigerians live in abject poverty. This is almost half of the population of Nigeria. Such statistic goes a long way in telling the world tales of the success or failure of the country.

Despite humongous natural and human resources, Nigeria has successfully lagged behind in economic growth. The government, at this very moment must wake up from their slumber and do all in their power and even in the people’s power to change the current condition of its country and citizens.

Problems like corruption, unemployment, crime, diversion of public focus from agriculture to drilling and exportation of petroleum, low level of industrialization and productions of goods, lack of electricity, etc has robbed the country of economic advancement.

The government must therefore focus their gaze and energy on bettering the economy of the county and raising the standard of living for its citizens.


It must remain in the consciousness of every single citizen of Nigeria that it is our collective responsibility to foster developmental/healthy growth in Nigeria. In cooperation with the government, we must ensure that rapt attention is immediately channeled towards the security and economic sector of the Nigerian state to ensure that lives and properties are kept safe and in a flourishing state, rather than an impoverished one.

-Fredrick A.


  1. Nice writeup, well reeled. another notable mention is the poor attention we give to human capacity building, like low budgeted percentage ascribe to education and skill development. Its often said that for any nation to be on the right path to greatness, it must of a necessity take human capacity development very seriously…
    I believe theirs hope for Nigeria, cause a generation is rising that will bring about positive transformation in all her spheres, the days of the charlatans at the corridors of power currently will soon come to an end.. We shall have a fresh breath soon, trust me.


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