If the foundation is faulty, what can the righteous do? [Psalms 11:3]
The Bible asking a very important question here, In the principle of building, it is believed and proven that the height of the building is much more dependent on the depth of the foundation. Also, trees grow deep to the ground first before the stem begins to grow.

Many of us today build our live on shallow foundations and this has been the reason to why many things are not working in your life. We sometimes wish we were someone else forgetting the fact that, that someone else also had to build and mould his own life by himself to the level of admiration you desire.

The question then, is how can I begin to build my life correctly? What and what do I need to build the right foundation?

We need to know that life is a business, what you invest in will determine your ROI(Return On Investment). The reason why time existed was to give *life* a legal basis to judge every man therefore David began to write in Psalms 90:12 teach us to number our days that we may apply our heart into wisdom. You need to know that everything about Life is deliberate. If you at any point guessing your moves or uncertainty becomes your call to actions you are bound to building your life on a shallow foundation.

In building your life correctly on a solid foundation, there are certain elements one needs to gather; I like to call them “The seven pillars of life”

1. Spirituality: Today I will like to tell you that life recognizes a spiritual stamp to get it fullness. You need to know that every incidence under the sun were first spiritual before they became physical. The more spiritual you become the better you can approach life with assurance. Spirituality is not just all about praying but it is believing and trust in a Being that own the keys to life. It is on this note that I will say if you don’t have Jesus you don’t have an assurance of a fulfilled life.

2. Purpose: A knife can cut paper but was made to be used in the kitchen. A blade can cut meat but was made to be used for stationeries. It so unfortunate today how many of us live outside purpose. Many are yet to even discover what exactly is their life wired for. I will tell you today, Working outside purpose is the greatest frustration humans can face. But also note that the only way to find purpose is sitting under God. Ask yourself am I living according to my assignment?

3. Vision: And God said to Habakkuk in Habakkuk 2:2 Write the vision make it plain. Also to Abraham in Genesis 13:15 He said: to the land thou *sees* to the will I give it. You can never be greater than your vision. What you see is what you become. How do you intend your life to be what do you want in life you need to visualize it before you can see it.

4. Principles : Everything you need in life has a principle that guides it. This is why reading of books, studying scriptures, prayers and decrement are key tools to living a glorious life. Be it wealth, wisdom, promotion, favour think of anything there are principles that guides them. Jesus speaking in Mathew 16;19 I will give you the *Keys* to the kingdom. So it means there are doors and you need the right key to open the door. You can only get this principles by search and revelation. Pray to God to expose you to that realm where you can know principles and not only knowing but you observe them.

5. Determination: As I will always say be intentional About life. Never give yourself reasons why you cannot do something. Am a firm believer that there is nothing anyone cannot do. Be determined.

6. Relationship: This factor is very key. You need to know that the kind of people you communicate with, share your time with has a long way to determine what you will take out of life. Keeping good relationship has a 55% influence on your life . Many of us are in wrong relationship. Can you help yourself by disassociating yourself from relationship that are not adding value to you?

7. GRACE : My best line of statement in the scripture is ‘And he found *grace* ‘ if you find grace there is no limitation to what you can achieve in life. Remember that it is only in Jesus that you can find grace. I will leave you with this for now.

Across the globe today, we have many reputable individuals that have contributed immensely to the development of the world and their legacy will live on. Why not sit up you can do it. A lot inside of you that can make the world a better place, that can change your life as a person. And deliver the future you were meant for.

Founder the compatriot


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