Talk is cheap? I have heard that a couple of times but I never really understood the magnitude of the phrase till I met this set of people. You may have met them too. The sweet talkers who’d spend less than five minutes taking you through their life long goals and jaw dropping ambitions.

There’s no way you will listen to them reel out the big names they’d want to be called in the future and you won’t be intimidated…Chill, don’t get so mesmerized and carried away by all they tell you. You have a question to ask them.

‘What are you doing presently to see that these expected end you have for you becomes a reality?’

Are you surprised? They are suddenly speechless. The extrovert side is being replaced by its antonym. Words are gradually being slurred and the organ for communicating halts before saying anything meaningful.

So many humans cruising this momentary aisle of life with desires, dreams, fantasies of how their lives should turn out in the next few years without having a realistic plan to achieving these goals.

I have heard it before that if you just dream without planning, you are an idiot. Ouch! That was harsh I guess but having day dreams about your future without working towards achieving it is as good as not dreaming at all!

You don’t just dream, Set realistic goals and make achievable plans towards having those dreams play out in the real world. It’s the Lord’s day, first day of the week. There’s no better day to see this such as this day!

Don’t talk all your dreams in talks .. do the needful.



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